The Ultimate Amiga WHDLoad for RetroPie Project

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WHDLoad Booter Files

With the direct inclusion of the WHDLoad booter within the emulator, all available files are now included within Amiberry's distribution.

This site does not host game-data files or Amiga Kickstart (BIOS) files.

There are many web-sites which already provide WHDLoad Amiga game data already "pre-installed", and Amiberry's WHDLoad booted has been designed to be compatible with the 'Retroplay' WHDLoad packs.

Additional Files Links

Amiberry Amiga Emulator: Amiberry 3.3

Please note: Amiberry can now be installed directly from the RetroPie setup menu.

Amiberry developers, including the lead; Midwan, are also active on the Facebook support group.

For an excellent Amiga-friendly artwork scraper: Lars Muldjord's SkyScraper should cover your needs. Lars is also an active member of the Facebook support group.